Hampenberg, Brown, Stine Bramsen, Nik&Jay, Medina & Apollo



Back in 2011, Danish travel agency Apollo approached STEPitUP with the objective of adding value to the brand, giving their guests a unique experience for the sake of viral marketing and bringing the brand top of mind with logo exposure. STEPitUP found the perfect match in legendary hip-hop act Nik & Jay and later Danish DJs Hampenberg & Brown in collaboration with Alphabeat-singer Stine Bramsen.



Apollo started flirting with the music industry by buying pre-rolls on music videos of beloved Danish acts as Nik & Jay with “Gi Mig Dine Tanker” and Medina with “For Altid”. Apollo co-sponsored the music video for Nik & Jay’s hit single “Mod Solnedgangen”, while the video was shot at one of Apollo’s destinations. Nik & Jay later performed on another hotel for the guests of Apollo exclusively. It was a move towards adding further value to their brand and creating a buzz and word-of-mouth-effect around the exclusive experiences.


Apollo was later sponsoring Morten Hampenberg & Alexander Brown’s music video of “I Want You (To Want Me Back)” featuring Stine Bramsen from Alphabeat with product placement and pre-roll. The music video was also shot at one of Apollo’s exclusive travel destinations in Greece, while the trio performed on strategically chosen destinations with actor Sarah Grünewald. Apollo had exclusivity on the music video for three days on their Facebook page, before the official release, as well as pictures from the shoot and video greetings from the artists. Apollo also made it possible for travel-shopping visitors on apollorejser.dk to download the single and get a closer look at the hotel used in the music video.



The focus on music content was a big success for Apollo. The singles “For altid” by Medina, “Gi’ Mig Dine Tanker” and “Mod Solnedgangen” by Nik & Jay all reached more than 5 million views on Youtube with product placement and pre-rolls of Apollo. Together with the exclusive concerts it was the key in Apollo’s new viral marketing strategy, which gave them an edge on the saturated Danish travel agency market.


Dorthe Rømer, Marketing Manager at Apollo

“I believed that by doing some of these activities around music with STEPitUP would add value around the Apollo brand, which means that the guests received a good experience, that they will remember the next time they are in the market for travel buying. The Nik & Jay concert was hopefully creating a lot of talk that people will take with them and pass on in their networks.”