Camille Jones & Belvedere Vodka



Back in 2012, Belvedere approached STEPitUP with the objective of finding an ambassador, who could be the face of Belvedere in the medias and perform on special events. STEPitUP found the perfect match in Danish singer Camille Jones.



The output was a campaign focusing on two events with Camille Jones as the main attraction. On a Friday night in mid-June, Belvedere hosted their first event with Camille Jones as their ambassador. The event marked the release of Camille Jones’ new single “Tro, Håb og Kærlighed”. The guests on the exclusive cocktail bar 1105 in the heart of Copenhagen could enjoy Camille Jones as DJ, while the award-winning bartenders shone with unrivaled Belvedere Vodka drinks. The second event was a Belvedere RED event held at the exclusive nightclub Zen. The purpose of the night was to donate money to the good cause of RED, which is to fight AIDS in Africa. Camille Jones hosted the Danish edition of the Belvedere Vodka event, while international ambassadors counted legends like Usher and U2-leadsinger Bono. The guest was invited exclusively to the event, where they could experience Camille Jones perform acoustic versions of her hit singles and buy the limited edition (Belvedere)RED-vodka, raising money to fight AIDS.



Belvedere was very pleased with the campaign, since it generated the needed buzz in the medias around the events, while Camille Jones made some unforgettable performances with a glass of Belvedere in her hand.


Camille Jones, Singer, DJ & Songwriter:

“I have worked with STEPitUP in 2012. The result was a commercial collaboration between Belvedere and me. This was just the right brand match for an artist like me and since that STEPitUP has been responsible for all consulting and brand building for me as an artist. I’m really pleased to work with Hanna as she is serious about finding the right commercial partner. I have never felt that I compromise myself or my brand and Hanna are always aware that I preserve the integrity, which means that I, as an artist, feel safe and in good hands with STEPitUP.”