New partnership: ALESSO + AXE Nordic


The Swedish artist Alesso has made people around the world dance to his progressive beats. Today fans can watch Alesso present the new AXE grooming range and get a sneak peak of his new track – RED.


In a bold new direction for the brand, Axe has released an expansive new range of grooming products and a progressive, modern point of view on masculinity and attractiveness. Much have changed in the way masculinity is perceived since the launch of AXE in 1983. AXE brand is evolving its approach to the way guys and girls come together. As a result, AXE is going away from focusing on stereotypes and instead endorsing individual style with Alesso as the voice of the new generation with the theme “Find your Magic”:


“For me working with AXE was a great way to reach my fans. I put together in my mind what my moment is, where I find my magic, which was the concept for their new vision and it felt very natural for me. To be able to show the feeling I have before going on stage, thoughts on how to perform and the crowds expectations was such a logical and true fit to what AXE are trying to say. I have grown up with the brand using their products and it felt for me like something all my fans can have access to and that was important when I chose to collaborate. AXE is accessible for everyone, the same way music is, and I’m super happy with how it turned out and being able to use some exclusive new music in it”, says Alesso.


As part of the campaign, AXE will invite lucky fans to Stockholm, where they will meet Alesso backstage and experience a live concert during summer. Meanwhile fans of Alesso can try out the three new product ranges – Signature, Adrenaline and Urban containing daily fragrance, antiperspirants and hair styling. Each range has its own unique style and suits the everyday life of the modern man with premium ingredients such as oud wood, iced musk or tobacco & amber.


“We’re honored that Alesso, is supporting us to inspire and empower a new generation of guys and girls. The theme for the collaboration is “Find Your Magic” – a moment Alesso has truly experienced with his fast rise to stardom in the music industry and a perfect example of a guy who found his magic through music. Together we can help guys to find their magic and help express their own unique individual style and choose how we want to be,” says Martin Delin, Brand Manager AXE Denmark.