New partnership: Hedegaard, Brandon Beal & AXE


It’s with great anticipation that we can finally announce the new partnership between Hedegaard & Brandon Beal and AXE! Tonight we’ll kick off the campaign through an exclusive press event.Stay tuned, more news coming up!


But first, watch the exclusive premiere of the new single ”Smile and Wave” right here.


Unilever wanted to introduce their new AXE Black-series for a more mature audience as they changed the look and sense notable from previous years. At the same time, AXE wanted to bring a premium-look to their products. The solution to these challenges was a 360-degree music campaign with the Danish hit-producer Hedegaard and the American singer Brandon Beal in relation to the release of their new single “Smile and Wave”.


In 2014, Hedegaard produced the most played song in Denmark, “Happy Home”, with more than 30 million streams, while Brandon Beal’s “Twerk It Like Miley” made it second with more than 20 millions streams on Spotify. Now, the artists are united as ‘Hedegaard & Brandon Beal’ in a co-branding campaign with AXE.


The campaign is build around the music video of “Smile and Wave”, where AXE Black has visible product placement and is integrated in the storyline with its iconic “Axe Effect” in an enjoyable way. Twenty seconds of the music video will also make it to the TV-screens as the TVC for AXE Black. It’s the first time a music video is used as a TVC in Denmark. The campaign will also feature two unique competitions designed by the artists, visibility in major retailers nationwide and integration in the artists’ upcoming club tour.


STEPitUP made the match between the artists and AXE – and created the 360-degree campaign in close collaboration with both parties as the middleman. STEPitUP negotiated all usage rights of music and retail material, while simultaneously handling the project management from the shoot of the music video to arranging the exclusive PR event on Sliders.