New partnership: Sloggi & Kylie Minogue


The world known underwear brand Sloggi and the Australian artist Kylie Minogue recently agreed on a global co-branding campaign. 
To set up the brand match STEPitUP was appointed. STEPitUP did the negotiations and advised Triumph in Germany during these negotiations. STEPitUP will be in charge of the project management and the aim will be to optimize the different activities during the partnership between Sloggi and Kylie Minogue.
With the art of music in centre of this campaign Sloggi seeks to benefit and extend their brand. Kylie Minogue will act as a model for the upcoming autumn campaign; furthermore she will present a new audio-visual video made with an emphasis on Sloggi´s tagline “Feel your Freedom.” This audio-visual video will be shown on the venues in all her concerts this autumn and it will be put on her YouTube channel. 
In addition, product placement, online content like behind the scenes pictures/movies are also part of the agreement, which will expand in 2015.