New partnership: Sloggi & Sandra Lyng




The Norwegian artist Sandra Lyng and the world known underwear brand Sloggi recently agreed on a co-branding campaign in Benelux and the Nordic countries. The campaign is called ”Its probably Sloggi”.
With the campaign Sloggi seeks to benefit and extend their brand through the beloved art of music.


Product Placement of their collection Light Laces, online content like behind the scenes pictures and videos featuring Sandra Lyng is just parts of the agreement. In exchange Sloggi sponsered Sandra Lyng’s latest music video “Electric City” towards the North European campaign.


To set up the brand match STEPitUP were appointed. STEPitUP did the negotiations between the partners and the campaign were released with a press event in Oslo, where selected medias were offered exclusive interviews and live performance from Sandra Lyng.