Rasmus Seebach & Opel



Back in 2011, Opel approached STEPitUP with the objective of positioning the two newly launched cars Opel Insignia and Zafira Tourer towards a broad target audience. Opel wanted to create awareness of the launch through a beloved musician, who could lead some traffic to Opel Denmark’s Facebook page and car dealers. STEPitUP found the perfect match in Denmark’s no.1 hitmaker, Rasmus Seebach.



The output was a campaign focusing on product placement in the music videos “I Mine Øjne” and “Millionær” and exclusive content for social media. Both music videos exclusively premiered on Opel Denmark’s Facebook page four days before the official premiere. The music videos show Rasmus Seebach using the cars – and Ankerstjerne driving the Opel Zafira. Beside the exclusive premiere, the fans of Opel Denmark were able to participate in a competition of signed records by Rasmus Seebach. Opel also made it possible for their potential customers to get a free copy of the new record, if they signed up for a trial of the Opel Insignia.



The product placement of the Opel Insignia have more than 8.000.000 views on YouTube with “I Mine Øjne”, while “Millionær” with product placement of Opel Zafira Tourer had more than 3.500.000 views. Rasmus Seebach posted the unique opportunity for his more than 325.000 fans – which saw Opel’s site crash as a result of the overwhelming traffic-boost. Opel Denmark gained more than 11.000 new Facebook fans and 3.371 newsletter sign-ups in four days. It doubled the number of fans in only four days! Opel also gained more than 16.000 new Facebook fans after “Millionær” was shown more than 18.000 times on their Facebook page. More than 4.000 new Rasmus Seebach records were given away to potential customers that ordered a free trial. Besides the prelaunch and product placement in two music videos the cooperation with Rasmus Seebach made Opel’s PR skyrocket, after Rasmus Seebach spoke openhearted of the newly released cars in God Morgen- and God Aften Danmark, which are some of the most watched daily shows on Danish TV.


Steen Davidsen, Marketingchef Opel Danmark:

”Kombinationen af Facebook kampagner og samarbejdet med Rasmus Seebach og STEPitUP har vist sig at være en givtig indsats for os. Det har givet os en unik mulighed for at nå ud til rigtig mange mennesker i den primære målgruppe og har resulteret i rigtig mange prøveture og stor interesse for vores nye modeller. Derudover er vores Facebook side blevet et forum for vores kunder, som vi sætter stor pris på.”