Tuborg Apropos Live



Tuborg approached STEPitUP with the objective of creating a nightlife concept that would give their on trade customers (clubs) a night, they never experienced before. STEPitUP found the perfect match in the DJ-platform Apropos Live. Watch the videos on http://www.aproposlive.com/



The output was the Tuborg Apropos Live Tour with the DJs from the online platform based on the original idea of DJ E.D.D.E.H. The vision of Tuborg Apropos Live is to combine the unique sound of the rising stars of the international DJ scene with a new visual dimension, to show the exceptional amount of talent in an original way. The result is www.aproposlive.com, where anyone can listen to the sound of the shining DJ-stars of tomorrow performing on locations, where no DJ has ever played before. The DJ-set is always 30 minutes, one take from one angle. Watch Thomas Madvigs DJ-set to the left. The 12 yearly DJ-sets with the best Danish DJs are presented on two exclusive Tuborg Apropos Live Openings. The videos are presented as art – the art of DJing. Watch a video of the Tuborg Apropos Live Opening 2014 to the left. The Tuborg Apropos Live Family is not a regular family. They hold family gatherings at clubs, they do it often and they only invite the best Danish DJs. The gatherings are also called Tuborg Apropos Live Tour. The DJs are every year touring the biggest clubs that Tuborg represent in Denmark with a club concept that turns the traditional nightlife settings upside down. The DJs are located in unique locations (as on the dance floor) playing back-2-back, while the Tuborg promotions girls are dancing with the hypeman of tonight. Every night, a new Danish artist surprises as hypeman. The club tour also includes an APL clothing line, an APL tour bus and several merchandise provided by Tuborg. Watch a night with the Tuborg APL family, when the went to Aarhus, in right side of the screen.


The campaign is ongoing.



Tuborg measures the success of Tuborg Apropos Live on the PR value created and the satisfaction of the clubs. The value of the PR created has exceeded the investment in the project by articles in Børsen, BT, Gaffa, Euroman, VICE and many more. National PR are created around the online DJ-set, while the local PR are created around the club tour with the intention of creating awareness of the upcoming events. The clubs have been overwhelmed by the DJ-concept that several of Tuborg’s biggest customers called the best Tuborg-concept they have experienced. The support of Tuborg have also made it possible for young promising DJs like SHAQ to continue is career around Europe as the result of his involvement in the project.


Martin Skovbjerg as DJ E.D.D.E.H, Music Curator of Apropos Live

”I have worked closely with STEPitUP since 2013 in relation to the electronic music concept Tuborg Apropos Live. STEPitUP has been an essential partner in the collaboration with Tuborg, and the financial success of both the online platform aproposlive.com and the national Tuborg Apropos Live tour. STEPitUP has furthermore been managing all PR activities well for the national tour and release of online platform. STEPitUP has my respect and my highest recommendation.”