At STEPitUP we have a common way of thinking, which creates a positive culture around us and sets the framework of our everyday and how we work.

We trust in our intuition and embrace it with our creative realism.

By that we believe that every challenge is a new opportunity and awakens our motivation.

Collaborations need to be wholeheartedly developed because they are what drives us and we love to see it working for our clients. It’s all about the passion within our work as it shows in our clients’ results – the primary reason that we exist!


Hanna Lindskov

Owner & Creative Director


Holds a master’s degree in design and communication management from Copenhagen Business School and has more than 10 years of practical experience in sales, marketing and project management from the IT, advertising and music industries.

Phone: + 45 26 85 04 27



Nicklas Larsen

Project Manager


Holds an international marketing degree from Copenhagen Business Academy and has more than 5 years of practical experience with direct sales in FMCG products, customer relations, project management and administration.


Phone: 45 75 31 03 85