If you’re an artists we will get you to work with the coolest brands keeping in mind the integrity of your work and creative passion, so that both parts gets the most value and PR from an endorsement deal or sponsorship.

[testimonial company=”Rapper i Suspekt” author=”Orgi-E” image=”https://stepitup.dk/wp-content/uploads/OrgiE-300×300.jpg”]

I’ve worked with STEPitUP in relation to the release of the PlayStation 4 and my part as an ambassador from 2013 to 2014. I’m very impressed by the strategic way STEPitUP handled the dialogue with Playstation on my behalf – and with the great results.

I feel very safe letting STEPitUP handle my commercial activities and the following PR, while I am enjoying the big experience that STEPitUP has in world of co-branding. Hanna found an ideal match for me as an artist, and made everything very simple with her professionalism, dedication and understanding of the music-industry.

Big props to STEPitUP for a fantastic partnership!

[testimonial company=”Manager for Panamah” author=”Alexander Mørch Pedersen” image=”https://stepitup.dk/wp-content/uploads/RBL1827.jpg”]

For Panamah a brand cooperation always has to fulfil two goals: First of all the economic benefits that recognize the hard work that is put into the project and that it is a serious business. Even more important is that you find a brand where there is scope for synergy. There has to be an understanding that both brands must add value and not free ride on each other. That’s what Step It Up has supplied to the fullest. 


[testimonial company=”Danish electronica group” author=”Panamah” image=”https://stepitup.dk/wp-content/uploads/Screen-Shot-2013-08-13-at-10.24.14-PM.png”]

We enjoy working with STEPitUP! They respect and recognize the hard work it takes to start up a new project. As a creative artist in an industry where money and business is of high priority it is important with this kind of respect. 


[testimonial company=”Lead singer in Lukas Graham” author=”Lukas Forchhammer” image=”https://stepitup.dk/wp-content/uploads/5588942-lukas-graham-300×165.jpg”]

The strategic way STEPitUP handles companies on the behalf of artists, the following PR and us as a band, made us engage into an exclusive commercial partnership with STEPitUP, who now will handle our future commercial activities, as it’s the right thing to do for our brand. 
Actually we at Lukas Graham are not that into the commercial side of being a famous band. All we care about is our music and it’s quality – we aim to reach the highest possible. But when STEPitUP approached us with a potential partner in crime, we gave it a second thought because it felt right and we saw a common set of values between us and the audiophile speaker manufacturer DALI.  


[testimonial company=”DJ & Producer” author=”Morten Breum” image=”https://stepitup.dk/wp-content/uploads/Screen-Shot-2013-03-18-at-12.07.22-PM.png”]

I worked with STEPitUP in relation to my video “Everytime”. First of all, the video would never have been a reality, if it wasn’t for STEPitUP, which resulted in making Denmark’s first fully sponsored music video. The video went as the 8th most watched on YouTube world wide within the first 24 hours after release. Something that I’m still really proud of.

Despite product placement and sponsorships, this video is a product of how well these things can work together under the right conditions. In short, working with STEPitUP brings opportunities to the table that most artists probably can’t generate themselves. Big up!


[testimonial company=”Partner & Producer for Nik & Jay” author=”Jon Ørum, Nexus Music” image=”https://stepitup.dk/wp-content/uploads/Unknown.jpeg”]

We have been in close collaboration with STEPitUP for several years. STEPitUP has successfully opened previously closed doors for us in Denmark when it comes to the formation of commercial partnerships and sponsorships. We have benefited greatly from their expertise and advice through the various courses.


[testimonial company=”Singer, DJ & Songwriter” author=”Camille Jones” image=”https://stepitup.dk/wp-content/uploads/CJ_800dpi.jpg”]

I have worked with STEPitUP since 2011 and again in 2012. The result of this was a commercial collaboration between Belvedere and me. This was just the right brand match for an artist like me and since that STEPitUP has been responsible for all consulting and brand building for me as an artist.

I’m really pleased to work with Hanna as she is serious about finding the right commercial partnership. I have never felt that I compromise myself or my brand and Hanna are always aware that I preserve the integrity, which means that I, as an artist, feel safe and in good hands with STEPitUP.


[testimonial company=”Partner & Manager for KATO” author=”Amanda Haslund, BIG F!SH Management” image=”https://stepitup.dk/wp-content/uploads/62588_163197347140435_291615034_n.jpg”]

For me as a manager, it is important that KATO has strong partners and that he, as an artist and producer always gets exposed with the right brands. So when STEPitUP contacted me about the Stimorol campaign, there was no doubt that the timing was perfect for KATO’s own single release and that this was a good brand match for KATO.

STEPitUP was responsible for all the administration and coordination of all activities between KATO and Stimorol. We felt safe in Big Fish Management, to know that Hanna ensured the highest PR value for KATO in all respects. The result was that Stimorol also was a part of KATO’s music video, which sets a fine line under good cooperation!


[testimonial company=”Manager for Xander” author=”Simon Isaac Toft, Simon Says Management” image=”https://stepitup.dk/wp-content/uploads/Screen-Shot-2013-04-16-at-10.28.19-AM.png”]

I have as Xander’s manager  and on behalf of Ankerstjerne appreciated the intimate concert STEPitUP created for DSB Wildcards customers in cooperation with us. The event simply lived up to everyone’s expectations.

Likewise, we at Simon Says Management appreciate the brand match that STEPitUP do in between artists and brands to increase credibility. As with our Jyske Bank campaign, where Xander actually is a former client. It increases all stakeholders engagement and will be seen in the results.


[testimonial company=”Rapper & Songwriter” author=”USO” image=”https://stepitup.dk/wp-content/uploads/Uso-0556.jpeg”]

My work with STEPitUp was a collaboration between Danske Spil (Online Poker site) and myself in 2012. We worked together on the music video for my platinum single “Klapper Af Den” , which has over 1 million views online as we speak.

Thanks to Hanna from STEPitUP were we able to create a great visual platform for the song. I think that STEPitUP is very aware of the project and the branding of the artist. In my case it was perfect match with Danske Spil Poker, because it still has that coolness factor that reflects in urban music.  Hanna from STEPitUp is very hands on and helpful, making sure that everything runs smoothly.