We are a co-branding agency with the ambition of creating the perfect match between celebreties and brands. We are specializing in celebrity endorsement, music and ambassador procurement and campaign activation on both local and global levels. We deliver a full 360´ endorsement campaign for brands and their advertising, media agencies, and public relations agencies to help them execute the campaign together with the artist.


  • We help brands find a passionate ambassador, who matches the ambitions of brand and creates synergy between campaign, image, and desired positioning. Through an extensive network within the music industry, we find the best-suited candidate for the campaign on both local and global level.  We are your impartial matchmakers within the music industry.

    The matchmaking process takes one month. We will identify three exciting artists, who meet both the budget and the ambitions of the brand. Through dialogue with the brand, we identify the right match for the campaign and proceed to contract negotiations.


  • We make the difficult process of contract drafting, celebrity procurement, and negotiations of usage rights into a smooth process for all parties involved. We help you manage negotiations of budgets, usage rights, publishing and commercial activities based upon our experience with local, regional, and global campaigns.

    We advice our clients on the composition and optimization of the campaign from our local and global experience on what makes the best ROI for a music endorsement campaign. We negotiate the desired activities with artist and management in bulletproof contracts that our experienced team of legal advisors has created.


  • Through the campaign, we’ll be securing all deadlines and deal with the challenges that naturally occurs, when the creative minds of the music industry meets the business world. We work with your advertising, public relations and social media agencies to give them the talent to make the music campaign into a huge success.

    We guarantee maximum coverage of your key messages through close collaboration with recognized newspapers, networks, magazines, and bloggers. We optimize the coverage of the campaign through strategic use of the artists’ social media channels. We help you assemble everything from the press release to the launch event of the campaign.