STEPitUP helps companies and marketing executives to understand how to work with and use music and music artists in the internal/external communication, sales and marketing. We ensure that our customers’ energy and focus are being used correctly in the choice of music/artists and creative concepts, and that the customer will ultimately be able to produce better results when doing co-branding agreements and apply music in branding and marketing.
  • We ensure that our customers’ energy and focus are being used correctly in the choice of music/artists and creative concepts, and that the customer will ultimately be able to produce better results when doing co-branding agreements and apply music in branding and marketing.
  • STEPitUP also advises on the use of music within an organization in connection with events and HR, as the music is also known to trigger happiness hormones, reduce stress and boost the immune system.This means that we work with clients/companies who have both vision and ambition to create a stronger brand profile and who believe in the strong effect music has when you want to create results on internal/external communication, strengthening organizational culture, PR and branding purposes.
  • We develop creative branding strategies and original concepts and activities for campaigns. By using our creative network within the music-industry we ensure our clients an original and differentiated campaign in todays saturated market.


  • Our clients have the opportunity to reach an even wider range of customers through the branding partner’s own media and activate new segments whilst simultaneously creating value through a musical universe.
  • STEPitUP is professional and experienced in doing the match of two brands, especially in combining products and brands with artists. Our role is to ensure our clients the perfect brand match, as we have an in-depth knowledge about the music industry and the artists brand preferences. We help companies to access new markets and customers and to achieve greater marketshare by activating your brand.


STEPitUP delivers the following:
  • Content for social media and PR strategy – including artist ideas and involvement.
  • Creative Marketing and Branding activities/campaigns – endorsed by artist.
  • Sales and brand activation.


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This is what some of our clients say


[testimonial company=”Global Marketing Director at DALI” author=”Inez Bukdahl” image=””]

The idea to establish a more formal collaboration with a Danish musician is not new for us. That we are now going from thought to action in the form of a co-branding agreement with Lukas Graham is mainly due to our confidence in STEPitUP. Their knowledge of the Danish music industry and not least insight into value adding activities for a brand like DALI makes them able to do a “perfect match” through research and analyses.

We are delighted and proud about the match with Lukas Graham who, together with his band, is a distinguished interpretation of DALI – In Admiration of Music. The respect for the musicians and the people who are listening are the backbone of our daily work to produce what we consider to be the world’s best speakers.


[testimonial company=”Marketing Communications at Sennheiser Nordic” author=”Susanne Meiniche” image=””]

Sennheiser cooperated with STEPitUP from a Scandinavian point of view  in connection with the launch of Sennheisers new headphone AMPERIOR.

STEPitUP did the search and select regarding famous local DJ’s in each country who already preferred using the Sennheiser brand.
There was several reasons why we chose to corporate with STEPitUP. However, the most important one was that they had the needed experience by working with brands and artists.

STEPitUP understood the importance of not only matching us up with some well-known artist, but to create a match that could support and build upon Sennheiser’s strong brand.


[testimonial company=”Senior Area Marketing Manager at Schweppes” author=”Ricard Berri” image=””]
In 2011 STEPitUP approached us at Schweppes with a potential cooperation for our brand with one of the hottest stars in the Danish music scene, Medina.

This cooperation has turned by the end of 2012 in one of the most successful campaigns in Schweppes Denmark’s history, allowing the brand to overcome a very complicated market situation: leading to excellent results both in terms of market share but also in brand funnel, image and equity. STEPitUP had a key role in the full process, driving and coordinating all the negotiations with Medina’s management team and record label.

Moreover, they have also contributed with great input in terms of consumer activation and promotions. I can only have positive words for STEPitUP and I cannot wait to endeavor in a new project together with them in the near future!

[testimonial company=”Regional / Nordic Marketing Director at EA Games” author=”Morten Nielsen” image=””]

Electronic Arts cooperated with STEPitUP and their artist Sisse Marie in connection with the launch of the Sims 3 Seasons release in November 2012. This was a good match between the target and two companies that would like to create a clear synergy and win-win against a common target group. [/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”Brand Manager at Carlsberg Denmark” author=”Malin Garderstöm” image=””]

I have in 2012, and again in 2013 decided to work together STEPitUP about a co-branding agreement between Schweppes and Medina – and it has been a very rewarding and exciting collaboration.

STEPitUP has a good business understanding, enabling them to familiarize themselves with the challenges you may have as a Brand Manager and they bring many new ideas and opportunities in the game. They have a passion and a very large network in the music business and they are 100% into a collaboration, which gives very good results.

My warmest recommendations!


[testimonial company=”Channel Marketing Manager at Diageo” author=”Anne Pedersen” image=””]

In our cooperation with STEPitUP we found a perfect match between our brand Smirnoff and the artist Sisse Marie. We had not previously taken advantage of such a endorsement, but it is definately not the last time we will do it.

It is about finding the balance that gives a great exposure for the brand,which doesn’t affect artist’s image too much. The artist must have emotions involved, so that it seems credible to the consumers. It was exactly what we got with Sisse Marie.


[testimonial company=”Social Media Manager at Danske Spil” author=”Peter Wenneberg” image=””]

For Danske Spil, this was a unique opportunity to expose and brand our Poker game with a clever and cool rapartist chosen by STEPitUP.


[testimonial company=”Former Marketing Manager at Apollo” author=”Dorthe Rømer” image=””]

I believed that by doing some of these activities around music with STEPitUP would add value around the Apollo brand, which means that the guests received a good experience, that they will remember the next time they are in the market for travel buying.

The Nik & Jay concert was hopefully creating a lot of talk that people will take with them and pass on in their networks.