Relive Lukas Grahams performance in London


If you didn’t get the chance to experience the live broadcast of Lukas Grahams outstanding performance in London for DALI’s “The Art of Music”-show, now you have the chance to relive the 70 minutes of Lukas Graham. The Danish hitmaker enters the stage around 2:35:00


Kylie designs for Sloggi


As a part of the long-lasting relationship between Kylie Minogue and Sloggi, a new design collaboration has been released. Kylie has been sharing her ideas and adding her individual touches to some of her favourite design in the Sloggi collection. The result is the amazing design collaboration “Kylie Minogue for Sloggi”. Watch Kylie talk about creating the new collection in the behind-the-scenes video.

Watch Lukas Graham live from London


The day of the much anticipated “Art of Sound”-event by DALI Speakers in London has finally come. Lukas Graham are performing at 7.30 pm with a special set-up for this special evening, where the band will perform for 75 minutes for the audience. Experience the anticipated concert live on, when the event will be broadcasted around the world.

A long-lasting relationship

What first seemed like a romance between Sloggi and Kylie Minogue has turned out to be a long-lasting relationship with Kylie Minogue being the face of Sloggi’s autumn/winter campaign once again. At STEPitUP, we are pleased to see Kylie Minogue continuing the partnership with Sloggi, which we created in the summer of 2014. The iconic singer is posing in the underwear giant’s “Ever New”-range. Watch the pictures to your left or read about the campaign below.


Article from Daily Mail

Watch the new Lukas Graham documentary

Watch the latest Lukas Graham documentary about his time making the new “blue album”, which is why the guys spend the last two years in Hollywood Hills. The documentary is sponsored by DALI.